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The history of the Chateau dates back to the end of the 14th century. There are only some partial annals till the end of the 17th century and the reference from historical resources of this object alternatively compare it to the fort or castle.
More information about the condition of the building and its property are known by the end of the 17th century. In 1961, the Chateau got into the possession of Vaclav Vojtech of Sternberg and because of this occasion there was developed the first detailed description of the Chateau. It moved through the reconstruction, which was too expensive from financial point of view and it was a reason for sale to the family of Gallas, who had been its owners since 1727 until the early 19th century. During this time the Chateau was twice visited by Maria Theresa. Both visits (in 1754 and 1757) were acknowledgements to the Imperial court and the owner Joseph Philip Gallas, who held an office as a manager of the Czech Kingdom.
In 1803 the Chateau was sold to John Wborzilovi, tenant of the Nalehozevský estate. His son Johan Wilhelm Woborzil led costly social life and all his time and money invested rather in other hobbies. He was forced to sell this Chateau in the mid-19th century (Woborzil was ornithologist and historical facts say that „he took care of the empyreal birds more than of their plans and he lost his fortune“).
In 1847, the Chateau had a new owner. He was the famous confectioner Anton Balle. The Chateau remained in his property till the 1892. In that year the Chateau passed over to new owner Henry Benies, after his divorce the Chateau was a property of his wife Matilda.
During The World War II (1942-1944) the Chateau was used by Association of German Youth (Hitlerjugend). After 1945, with a short break, the entire building and whole area was used by the military.
During the multi-century history the Chateau was burnt out several times, in the years 1827, 1857 and 1924. The current image of the Chateau is the result of repairs which have been made after the third fire in Empire style according to the draft of Kašpar Předák.
The Chateau was in administration of the private companies and till the year 2003 fell into disrepair. An extensive renovation started thanks to the new owner. The Chateau was able to restore its historical value with implementation of modern technology along with a number of stylistic elements, which greatly improves the quality of the stay in the Chateau.
Total building area is 3606 Square meters and it offers the space for various activities. It is situated on 31775 Square meters of land. The Chateau area also includes a guest house, a separate building security guard and six-parking space, expanding private stables on the area of 250 Square meters which the horse- run.
The Chateau is registered in the National register of the Cultural heritage. The Chateau and his surroundings are privately owned and not open to the public.

Complete information, including photos of the Chateau will be presented at the personal meeting to the potentials only.